Illiterate Arabs

Hello guys and girls!

How ya'all duin?
Hope that everything's under control.
What? How's my day?
Hurm that's what Im goin to write now.

This one fine evening,
I went out for a good jog.

Although the weather's quite chilly, (winter's otw babey!)
but I still put on my short and my red shirt on and went for 
about 15 km.

Far isn't?
Effort nak kurus la katekan. ;)

Sambil menyelam, minum air,
sambil berjogging, pergi bank.

So, after withdrawing a couple of thousand pound,
I jog back to my house.

I came across two kids riding a horse cart,
bringing boxes ar some s**t that they can trade for money.

And those kids also holding a whip to 
whip that horse to run faster.

As I jog pass 'em (I had to!)
He tried to whip on me!!

And I was like,

And you know what's worse?
He even shouted
"F**K YOU! F**K YOU! F**K YOU!"

and THAT'S IT!
I turned back at them and
put my middle finger up high in the air,

and i said nothing.
just because I thought
it'll equalize me with those stupid, damn poor, ugly, uneducated,
shitty-life slumdog
but the fact that I'm a genius, filthy rich diva who
lives in a better place than this blasted slums.

I dont even think they knew whats the meaning of
F**k you simple because it's English.
Their uneducated brain knows nothing but feeding those donkeys.

So people who lives in Egypt,
whenever you got into this situation (it's very common actually)
just ignore those bastard as they'll rot in this 
massive dumpster.

We're cooler than them and we're richer than them
and of course, we're BETTER than them.

Their attitude's a piece of s**t,
that's why their country looked like one. 

so long, for now.

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