Of Photos of Twitpic

Memories can't be kept forever, but photos can freeze them at least.

So along the journey of my life, I took a hell lot photos. Step by step, I've uploaded to Friendster, then MySpace, then Facebook, then Twitpic, then Instagram.

So the most exciting portion of these social media is of course Twitpic and Instagram. Where the hipsters telling you how does a Starbucks' cup looked like, how does their lunch looked like, or how cute is their cat.

So yes, Im a part of that 'lame' community.Hey it's all good to me as long as I dont hurt other people.

But today, 11th of December 2012, how shockingly I found that ALL OF THE PHOTOS I HAVE TAKE SINCE I STARTED TWITTER IS GONE. And the photos linked to Instagram? Also poof!

What the fuck is going on? Urghh this shit is stressful I tell yo ass. 

Anybody who's reading this, if you know any resolutions, oh please put your comment below.

Thanks in advance.

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