Of The Past Life

You see,  if people had died, they are absolutely separated from their previous life.

But if they were given a chance to repeat their life, some of them would rather stay rot, or some of them would repeat it.

Au contraire, in my story, it wasnt about life and death. It's about the phase of my life.

The people from the past, keep coming creeping back into recent times. Not that I despise it, but more to like the memories come rushing in too fast I cant breathe.

Yup, exactly like they say, high school is the best 5 years of our lives.

Wait, I keep saying "High School Is Over" to my friends but me myself havent really get over it. Dammit I need to taste my own medication for a change.

Maybe the regrets are chasing me.
Maybe the unborn decisions are creeping me.
Maybe the unfinished job are grabbing me from the back.

The more I think about them, the more I wanna return to the past. 
To undo all my wrong doings, to do what I really needed to do.

But time waits for no one.
Time is like a sword, if you did not pass them over, they will cut you. Deep.

What I really need to do is realizing that I now live in a new community, a new life, and in a whole new world. College world.

Yup, I call this the auto-wakeup call. By myself, for myself.

High School, is over.

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