Heloo ladies and gents.
what an uncommon letter combination right?
But no to us medical students.

Systemis Lupus Erythematosus.

Just now, I had a wonderful dinner with my family,
all it all went well.
Then when I asked my sister (Aisya) where'd she been all day,
she replied "To my friend's"
Owh okay.

Then she added :
"She got SLE."
"What? Come again?"
"Yup. She got SLE"
"How old is she?"
"She's 10"

Yes people, she's only 10.

Okay, so here's what an SLE is:
It is a systemic autoimmune disease.
Meaning :
SYSTEMIC = the whole body.
AUTOIMMUNE = self immune system got alerted and action
to attack self.
DISEASE = disease.

this is a very very confusing disease as it can mimics other illness as well.
(If I wrote every medical things here Im sure all of you wanna leave this page)

But just take this ;
She's a young girl who suffered a serious illness.
Although fatalities are becoming increasingly rare,
but still, it's painful if we're in her shoe.

The moment I wanted to open up my Google Chrome 
to wrote this story, my eyes were flooded.

Seriously, I can't take it.
She's just a normal kid, who wanted her childhood to be as gay as everybody else,
but alas, she can't.

She's always absent from school for her medical appointment.

But I'm still a medical student,
not yet a doctor, but my heart is broken to pieces when I heard this,
and there's nothing I could do to help this poor child.

And she's my sister's best friend.

Oh my God.
My tears are dripping.
Perhaps you guys won't understand it,
just imagine yourself as her.
Would you even stayed as her for at least 10 minutes?
I'm sure not.


i am a doctor, then I will make sure that she got the right attention and medication.

i am rich, I would've paid her fees for a private hospital.

Kid, stay strong,
as Allah will always be with you.
And He knows what you are going through,
and have faith in Him,
as He is The Healer.

I wish you healthy kid, stay strong.


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