Of Speech's Retract-ability


Everybody got their own opinion. Everybody wants to be heard. Everybody wants their opinion to be heard.
And I'm one part of that "Everybody."

But what happens when your voice-out doesn't get the approval from the others? You back out. But once said, cannot be un-said, no? Well, here's how the story begin.

On the night of celebration (we don't know what are we celebrating)
Two girls and two guys are having the time of their lives, hanging out, going to a bar, get drunk, strolling in the park and all. Preferably named Gina and Norah. And the guys Jake and Kev.

No, they are not couples, lovers, or whatever subs name you may can ever come up with. They're just your regular bestfriends and plus, Jake is playing for the other team.

At the midst of the fun, one party pooper came and telling that they need to shush down at the park since everybody is hanging there too. But alas, they're get too carried away by being together and the party pooper started to get pissed of.

So in the mind to the party pooper, she thought, "Who the fuck they think they are? What, like they own this fucking park or something? Shit, they need to get out of here." And yes, she kinda said that to Jake and friends already. But what has been said can't be taken back.

and I was like,

The spoilers decided to call the cops. Within just few minutes, park cops came by and arrested all four of them. And the party ended. You can't even begin to imagine how shameful it was for them. Like if you call having a zits on your wedding day is shameful, try having a baby on your 15th Birthday.

You see, Jake and friends havent done anything wrong, but the fact that she think she's right all the way to the core, she called the cops, acting like the park is fucking hers. 

After the incident and all, she, the party pooper, came up and apologize to Jake. But she did not apologize to everyone, just Jake. Like what, you have humiliated them all, but since you've apologized, you're even?

Oh hell no sister, Jake and friends hard to accept apologies. They will forgive, but they wont forget. 
And like any other grown ups except Najib Razak, they all went to a debate, or a talk. Face to face.

She cried and cried knowing that her style of ambushing wasnt right and stuff like that. Gina, Norah, Jake and Kev did not have any mercy for her. They keep lashing her out in a soft but Gillette sharp kinda way.

And trust me, she learnt how to approach people the hard way.

So the lesson is, before you start to speak of something, make sure you either have stuff to back it up, or not having any regrets after saying it. If you do, then you better shush. Or else, you know what they say "Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya." And padah yang buruk bakal menyusul.

p/s : This story has nothing to do with any living forms, just something that I gotta take out from my chest. 

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