That Feeling

Greetings.  Have you ever had that hate feeling to a certain someone without any apparent reason?

The answer : Yes.

Awh come on, we all arent a saint.

So it all happened to me when I first laid my eyes on him. And instantly, poof! "Yup, I hate that guy."

This one particular guy, lemme call him Buff. 

Buff has this one habit (which is not really annoying or anything but I still hate it),
which includes getting along with people that arent one of his family. You get me?
And to add to that, Buff also likes to make decision without the agreement of others. acting like he's the big boss and all.

Whenever Buff is making his decision, lemme give ya an example, Buff wanted to decorate the wall of his class with some rainbows and cupcakes and put some glitters on em too and he just asked "Do we agree to decorate this wall?" without a split second when everybody trynna open their mouth to throw an answer, "Looks like it's a yes!", said Buff.

Well this is sad. Buff isnt particularly one of the varsity-wearing, rugby-throwing, weed-smoker, beer-drinker, you get what I mean, kinda person. He's more like the down to earth kinda guy. He's a good guy, no doubt about that, but then you ask yourself : "Then why did Yuri hated him?" And then I asked you to scroll up again to read the intro.

I'm also sensing that Buff realized that I hated him. Well, obviously, when people wanted to hear my opinion, he shuts me down. And like what other fighting nations do, they shut any loop of chance their enemy have real tight. And bam! You have no chance to enter.

This also made me realize that I'm not the only guy who can scam and plan and stuff over here.
Looks like I got a new contender. 

Before I end this, please, if you're reading this, the phase where I-Really-Dont-Give-A-Shit-About-Mostly-Anything has arrived in my life. 

So I really doesnt mind whether people do read my blog or not. 

I wanna be like Jenna. Jenna Hamilton.

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