From the Memory of The Kings : Dahab - Sharm el-Sheikh

Hello people of the virtual world.
Welcome again to my elegant yet not your typical blog.

Like what I had posted before this,
which is all about Sharm el-Sheikh,
and now that I'm back from that earthly paradise,
I wanna share with you all the experiences.

How nice is it?
You be the judge. :)

first destination is actually Dahab,

which is about 1++ hours from Sharm.

We stayed in Dahab for 2 nights.

First stop?
of course the hotel.
If you asked me where I stay,
I might utter the word Le Meridien.
Better don't ask. 

So we arrived at the morning,
and the first activity is snorkeling at the Blue Hole.
The most beautiful and most dangerous place for
not for snorkeling.

If you guys followed my twitter,
you might have read it on the timeline.
Tu la, ade twitter bukan nak follow aku!

The Blue Hole is like,
satu teluk kecil,
and beberapa langkah je dah menjunam jatuh ke bawah
lantai dia.

and it's forming a hole.
A very deeeeep holeeee.

So, kene pakai life jacket la for sure untuk noobies like me. 

Time snorkeling tu x de amek gambar sebab 
kamera aku bukan boleh masuk air.
Maaflah, saya bukan anak dato' tunjuk itu ini dapat.

Gamba cina kat atas tuh
is actually a Malaysian yang jugak datang bercuti kat sini.
Name is Steve Chan something like that.

Macam mane aku make sure die Malaysian not China Chinese ?
Aku cakap kat die
"Ko orang Mesya eh?"
Only Malaysian can understand that.

Then kitorg borak2 lah after tu.

Sumpah time snorkeling tu lawa gila lah coral2 kat bawah tuh!
Tapi malang tak de underwater casing or camera.
Sumpah lawa ciptaan Allah!!

Tapi problemnya,
aku tak pandai snorkeling,
manjang air masin nak masuk mulut je.
Then otak focus kat surviving in the water je lah.
X de langsung nak tengok ikan2 tu dah.

After the snorkeling,
I thought dah over,
(terasa yang snorkeling ni satu azab, dah lah sejuk gile kawasan ni!
Windy gila!!)

but dan2 pergi pulak kat second venue,
The Three Pools.
This time,
I ain't go into the water.
Tapi all member kate tempat ni lagi cantik.
And I was like,


And I went to panjat a few gunung batu.
And the view??


And we took a few (okay hundreds!)
of pictures,
owh and also videos,
(nanti aku upload!)
and then we head back down.

Then we head back to our hotel by the jeep
we used to come here.

For the night,
oh ini jalan2 waktu siang bersama Izzad :)

kitorg jejalan sajo kat sekitar Dahab Town.
Ala, the city isn't that big.
It's like a diver's town.
Kecik sajo.

For dinner, kitorg just makan hotdog ke lebih kurang macam tu la.
for 15 LE.
Divide 2 klu nak harga in RM.

and next, cam bese lah,
lepak2 tepi pantai in the middle of the night,
sambil borak2,
owh and most importantly,
we played,
Truth or Dare.
(okay actually, truth sajo)

What do we talked about?
It'll be the Secret of The Kings.

mesti korang macam ni kan? hahahaha!

It was such a long night.
The next morning,
I was the only human between us who
opened up my eyes.

I woke at 7 something,
and my mission?

What a beautiful scenery ya'all!!
(okay actually the sun already rose, but mmh, it's okay)

So, I took tonnes of pictures lah!
I will upload them later.

Tengah2 amek gamba, tibbah anjing datang.

cuak satu saat sajo,
sbb anjing kat Dahab memang a lot like 
the Jews in Hell.

So, berdiri je lah dekat2 dengan anjing tu.
Comel whatt..
Dia teman kejap I amek gamba. ;)

Next activity?
Swimming at the Blue Lagoon~!!!

Naseb baek Blue Lagoon ni ade pepasir sikit.
Tapi batu2 still ade lah.
Style en gamba aku?
Very Tumblr Material.

The venue made me astound and my jaw dropped!

It was a lagoon suitable for para-gliding and ab-sailing.
And there's tonnes of tourists maen ab-sailing and para-gliding tuh.

*tapi tak reti :(*

Kitorang swim for just about 1 hour je,
coz it was cold, and we're tired.

Plus, in the afternoon,
we got another activity,

to many to story lah!

So, best ke tak ATV Riding ni?
I'll tell you what,
if you got a chance to try, 
but you don't,
I think you better jump off the cliff.
Mati baik.

After ATV,
we spend our second or last night in Dahab,
So for dinner,
we eat like a King.

  And what did I order?


That is one hell of a meat!
Itu lah daging paling manisssss aku pernah rasa!!

The taste is just voila!

takde lah, ni bukan restoran die.
saje bubuh gamba ni.

the next morning,
we head to Sharm el-Sheikh.
This is where all the magic happens. :)

Fuhhh it's too much to story here although we're
in Sharm for just about 22 hours.

We came here unprepared.
No plans, no maps,
nothing at all.


This is what I like.
No plans, so we just follow the flow~~

First stop in Sharm,
Carrefour. Because we're hungry lah!

and next? Naama Bay!

And we head to the Naama Bay, or the beach.
The center of the attraction.
Rupanya nak masuk beach pon kene bayar weh!
Terpakse lah kluar duet lagi.

Then mandi2 kejap,
until 5pm,
because at 5, the place was about to close.
The place was magnificent!

Beautiful water and all,
best of all, the beach has sand.
Weird why I said this?
Because in Dahab, the beach has no sand AT ALL.
Just rocks, and suddenly water.

owh and cruises where everywhere,
if you got an extra money, 
you really should join the cruise. 

After we checked out the beach,
we aint got no place to go.
With the bags yang berat macam bawak 
makcik yang tengah 4 bulan mengandung,
we wandered the Sharm City.

At last,
a spark of genius came from inside of my head,
to call my other friend and asked about a cheap hotel.
That way, we can put our stuffs there,
and conquer the Sharm City. :))

So at last, we got a hotel,
on top a a hill, facing the Naama Bay,
the only question is, 


We put our stuffs there
(actually, the room is for 2, 
but we stuffed it with 8 peoples.
Bahahahaha, but you know what,
the room are gigantic for 2 persons!)
and we head to stroll Naama Bay at night.

Down the bay,
the scenery was totally Las Vegas-ish!
Light everywhere!
Sheesha everywhere!
Just 5LE okay!

and the workers at any cafe was kinda desperate
to attract tourist to enter their cafes.

That way, we can tawar-tawar until dapat harga yang menarik.

There's everything from KFC, to TGI Friday's,
to Baskin Robbins, to Starbucks, 
and last but the most,
Hard Rock Cafe!

siap ade bouncer bhai kat depan tuh!
We stroll the city,
without buying anything.
Everything mahal kot!
Wasting saliva jah tanye berapa harga.

We jalan-jalan-jalan-jalan
until kaki dah penat.
(Seriously, aku dah takde mood nak tulis sebab panjang sgtt)

But the bottomline is,
you guys HAVE to jejakkan kaki here,
both Dahab and Sharm.

They are EPIC.

and for souvenir, 
I bought just a sand-written name in a bottle,
macam ni lah muka aku time mamat arab tu buat pasir
tulis nama dalam botol

for 25LE at Dahab,
and the priceless souvenirs are
all the photoes I've taken.
It's almost 12GB.

p/s :
I won't tell you ALL ABOUT what had happened
in Dahab and Sharm,
because what happens in Dahab and Sharm,
stays in Dahab and Sharm.
Forever become the Secret of The Kings.
Boy's secret. 

Until then,

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