Welcome! This page will show you beautiful people that'll blow your mind. And plus,
they're worth to stalk! 
Yeah of course, I stalked them first. ;p

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe. Not exactly the hot-popular-cheerleader name like Amber 
or Steffany or Amanda right?

But brace yourself, here's what Chloe of 1997 I wanted to show you looked like.

Smokin aight?

Well here's a lil somethin2 for you.
She was a model before she went to the silver screen.
Because of her big bro, Trevor Duke-Moretz who is also happened to be an actor. (Legally Blonde and Youth Revolt)

Also, he is the guru for Chloe. Lucky gal!

For her role in the movie Texas Killing Fields (2011),
she spent time in the rehabilitation center for the drug-addicts.
Yup, at the age of fresh 14.
Ok she's not hooked up, but just for the preparation for the role,
dumbass. LOL

In an interview with Entertainment Weekley in 2010, she revealed a member of the press had stolen her iPad 
and hacked into her personal Twitter, email, and Facebook accounts. 
She then went on to say she now uses fake names for her email and Facebook.

And the first time I watched her was in a movie called Hugo (2011).
She was so damn fuckin cute!

Next thing I knew, in the Hick movie, she went all bad-ass thank to
the bad influence of Blake Lively.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard.
Hmmmm have you ever heard about her?
Only  a movie  go-er will know her.

Unless you live in Hollywood
you have no choice but to read this.

Ever watched Never Back Down,
starring a jaw-dropping-handsome-ass Sean Faris?
(Owh that dude's so hot I'm literally melting)
Amber Heard plays the role Baja. (Ba-Ha)

Like OMG, she's soo pretty I think I might tripped.


She's hot aint she?
Well, she kinda suits sexually-abused-teenager role very well.
You agree wimme right? 

Owh forgot, 
she's also known for her role in Drive Angry.

Wanna know something about her?
Currently she's dating Tasya Van Ree, yup, the one with the hat above.
And yes, might I add,
she plays for the other team.
Sorry guys,
find another hole to pummel.
(uuu that's dirty!)

And she's also known for the role in Zombieland.
Her name's 406. The hot neighbor. 
And FYI,
she only got 2 days to prepare for her role.
Rad much?

And wanna know somethin?
She's a major bad-ass. 
She owns a .357 Magnum Handgun and she drove '68 Mustang.


Amber's best friend was killed in a car wreck when Amber was 16.
And this incident turns her away from Catholic to Atheist.

Miranda Kerr

UUU Holy Woman! Look at that!

I tell you what, 
"He who never saw Miranda, he might from a cave"
I think she's the prettiest model I've ever seen with such a glorified childish look.
She's a fresh meat, and never goin bad.

See her dimples on her scrumptious cheeks?
Yup, that's her initial. Lucky her.
If I met her, I'd say,
"Is that a dimple? I wanna live there."

Well, she's a Australian model, Anglo-Scottish ancestry.
She's the first Australian to be accepted as a Victoria Secret's Angle.

In 1997 (when she was 13), there was a controversy over her winter-clothing pictorial in the Australian teen magazine, Dolly, with debates occuring 
over the age at which girls should modelling, and also with pedophilia.
*Durhh it's a magazine for teens, not for masturbation stimulator for old man~*

In 2007,
she received a star on Hollywood Walk  of Fame with the other Angels.

In June 21 2010, 
she married with hot sensation Orlando Bloom.
I bet he's the luckiest man walk on earth right now.
they welcome their new baby,
Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom.
She picked Christopher as a remembrance of her childhood friend,
Christopher Middlebrook who died at early age.

There's too much picture of her,
but mostly in bikinis,
so, urmm
if you wanna check it out,
then you're on your own.

She's a beaut aint she?

Leighton Meester

Mama mia! somebody call 911, my body started to feel hot!
Shame on you who did not know this hot chick!

She's the bomb ya'all!
She landed on A list since she got the Blair Waldorf part in Gossip Girl.
Seriously you gotta watch her in action.
Simply hot, cute, fuckin sexy!

Her surname "Meester" means 'master' in Dutch.
No wonder she now became the master to all men!
Actually, her original hair color was naturally blonde,
but she dyed it brunette for Blair's role.

Another thing is, she speaks FLUENT French.
If I marry to her, I wanna make plenty of mistakes so she'll babble all day.

No wonder she got all that talent and rich girl's attitude,
coz she attended Hollywood High School and Beverly Hills High School!
Damn lucky!

Up till 2010, she's in pair with Sebastian Stan,
who played Carter Baizen in Gossip Girl.

And of course, 
She got many listing to 
Most Beautiful this, and Most Beautiful that..
I mean, there's no question about that right?

Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto.
Who doesn't know her?
This Indian fresh meat's the one starring Latika in Slumdog.
"Pinto" fyi, mean 'chick' in Portuguese.
She was once engaged to Rohan Antao. kirenye dah koyak la dia ni.
But now she's back in business with yummy Slumdog co-star Dev Patel.

Ever watched Sucker Punch?
Remember that asian Amber girl?
Yeah, at first, Emma Stone's the one holding that watak (I forgot "watak" in english ape)
but Freida was even more considered to get that,
but Freida lost to sexy Jamie Chung.
Anyhow, she's my indian Eva Longoria.

Can you tell which is which?

Mila Kunis

Owh who the hell did not know this beauty??
Owh damn she's a real gem.
BTW, she's jew, no wonder she got that
there's simply to much to talk about her,
esp about her in Black Swan and Friends For Benefit.
Ya'all just gotta watch that movie then you'll gonna find
how interesting to stalk this hot meat!

Lucy Hale

Well hello there beauty princess!
This darling was born in Tennessee in '89. A lil old for me. ;p
She's best known for her Pretty Little Liar drama.
Dayum she looked hot in that.
Plus, she used to date David Henrie. Yup, David Henrie the sexy eyebrow.

Hey, do you realize that she kinda resembles someone?

Take a look :

Rachel Bilson + Mila Kunis = Lucy Hale! (only less pretty)

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