Last Day.

Hello peeps.

Today's Friday, 14th October.

And you know what that mean?

I'm going back.

Im kinda screamin in my mind

But yeah, I keep on telling to myself.
"I'd stayed here for quite a long time.
Now I need to go"

Cheesy? idts.

Well, the packing is already done,
and it kinda took 3 days.
Diva much?

And you know what?
As you guys (who are in Malaysia) keep saying
"My internet's slow, owh i forgot I live in Malaysia"
I would've had your mouth slit by my own Fright-Night tooth.
You didn't think about other places around the globe arent ya?

wanna know something?
I kinda live in 50 years back.
So if you are a fan of shitty antiques, let me know.

And for now, I'm sighing all seconds left in Malaysia.

I pray to God Egypt's became better now. 
I can't stand those RUDE people
and all the lies there.


So, better for me to prepare my self to
NOT give fcuk if anybody trynna mess wimma ass.

People, wish me a safe trip and 
Im sorry if I'd done any wrong or shits that might've make you mad or something.

and lastly,
thanks for everything my friend, esp
Danial and Fikri for those great moments in UKM Bangi.

Alhamdulillah dpt rezeki lebih malam tuh.

dan2 sipon masuk. haha

si cantik


fon rosak lettew melon

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Mira Cikcit said...

Missing you already :P

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