Of Inner Debacle

Living outside of the country is hard. Yes, nobody said it was easy, especially when you're high-maintenanced. 

I admit, talk all you want, but I'm high-maintenanced.
In fact, think me of a Bentley. High-maintenanced, but gives you a real pleasure riding it. 

There you go, about me.

This is where the story starts.

As I am now,  I hardly be able to wake up early in the morning. The earliest I ever remember is at 9. And class starts at 9. Motherfucker.

And you all should know too that I aint no living alone. But with 3 other friends. 
And two of them is the early riser.

You better believe me by saying this, but this morning, ALL OF THEM ARE ACTING LIKE A TOTAL DIPSHIT. 

What? Do you guys forget that you have another face in the house? We literally see each other's fucking face like every seconds, cockface! And yet you wake up early, WAKE EACH OTHER UP, clean yourselves, put on shoes in front of the mirror before going to class, BUT NOT WAKING ME THE FUCK UP??


I only woke up listening to their laugh and fucking chatting blablabla in front of the mirror before heading out.
Then I'm up, make my worst fucking wake-up-grumpy face (everybody knows how scary that shit is) and say "Korang tak kejut aku ke?" and the Kelantanese was like "Owh, ea?"


But fuck that, Imma go to the toilet and brush some teeth and face wash the fuck up.
Then I put on my fresh face, head to the kitchen. And the Chinese talked to me about something, and I didnt even look at him, and I dont even say a shit. COZ I AINT GIVIN ANY SHIT.

RIGHT? I KNOW RIGHT? What the fuck Yuri, pissed like hell just because people didnt wake you up.

Well, we're living together in one house, so the least you can do is share, or help each other. 
Heck, I even used my money first to pay the bill, bitch!

This is why I call myself high-maintenanced. 

And yes, the upside of having me is, I really do care about the cleanliness. I mopped the kitchen floor, I wash the bathroom, I clean the fucking bathtub, I cook meals, basically Im the mother of this house. A mother, fucking, MOTHER. Respect that shit, niggas.

Like I said, Im like a Bentley. Preserve me, then everything'll be perfect. 

 But all your fucktards has crossed the line and I aint no happy with that shit. Imma make sure all of you suffer. When I say shit like this, you better believe Imma do it. 

So there you go. The Homely Drama. 

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