Of The End of a Beginning

Yes, we all have that one point when we started something, and at a blink of an eye,  we're done.
In the other hand, time flies faster than Boeing 474 on Mach 5.

It's about the Fifth Semester that I am in now. Well, used to be up till yesterday.

It felt like it's just last month I stepped up to Fifth Semester. And tadaa, here we are, in the Winter Holiday.

Well, to be true, a lot of shit I've learnt from this sem. Among them :

1. Treat people how you want to be treated.

Some say a mouthful of secrets is guarded tighter than British army with that ridiculous hat. But do you ever want to spill it out? Obviously, yes. It's been hardwired to us since we were 1 day old,  before the folding of germinal epithelium. The more we spill, the more people will like us for having lots and lots of stories.

But have you ever think what's the consequences of doing so? Yes, after every beans were spilled. You know what state you are in, just like paddling towards a waterfall, cornered by zombies. There's no turning back.

Thanks for teaching me that.

2.  Silence is not an agreement, silence is an arguement.

Since the invention of televisions and Twitter, privacy means nothing. The more we expose, the more famous we get. Even a bunch of talent-less people make money out of this pathetic route, The Kardashians.

Keeping everything shut doesnt only mean we were shouting for privacy. I know, it's ironic, but also launching a cold war. If you ever heard the phrase silence speaks volume, well, your eardrum just got torn. Also, having a cold war is really tired. The more we don't move our tongue , the more tired we get. Again, oh the irony.

Sharing problems with the trusted ones is therapeutic. No need any elaboration.

Thanks for teaching me that too, Semester 5.

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Of The Past Life

You see,  if people had died, they are absolutely separated from their previous life.

But if they were given a chance to repeat their life, some of them would rather stay rot, or some of them would repeat it.

Au contraire, in my story, it wasnt about life and death. It's about the phase of my life.

The people from the past, keep coming creeping back into recent times. Not that I despise it, but more to like the memories come rushing in too fast I cant breathe.

Yup, exactly like they say, high school is the best 5 years of our lives.

Wait, I keep saying "High School Is Over" to my friends but me myself havent really get over it. Dammit I need to taste my own medication for a change.

Maybe the regrets are chasing me.
Maybe the unborn decisions are creeping me.
Maybe the unfinished job are grabbing me from the back.

The more I think about them, the more I wanna return to the past. 
To undo all my wrong doings, to do what I really needed to do.

But time waits for no one.
Time is like a sword, if you did not pass them over, they will cut you. Deep.

What I really need to do is realizing that I now live in a new community, a new life, and in a whole new world. College world.

Yup, I call this the auto-wakeup call. By myself, for myself.

High School, is over.

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Of Legends

Legends. Someone who you can never forget. Someone who you adore. Someone who you wanted to be. Someone who is awesome enough to inspire you to do stuff. Legends.

Legends can rise from any community. Yes, this is the real world, not some wizardy school or institution for mutants. Politics, for example, holds many legends through out the year. Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Mahathir Mohamad, and Prophet Mohamad. All of them are legends.

But in this post I wanted to tell you guys about the legends of my school. Yup, Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak.

Why this post Yuri? All of a sudden?
Simply because I dreamt all 5 of them last night. And their faces are crystal clear. I have no idea why all of the came into my dream. Even one of them is married.

In 2005, I was in Form 1. 
In 2005, I already knew who I would like to look up to. 

The High Committee of Student Leaders.

Syukur Syaari. The Leader.
Hisyamudin. The Brain.
Songkok. The Just.
Ashraf. The Badass.
Apai. The Muscle.

Trust me, after this deadly 5 combination, there is no other leaders in the school that can top them off.
Especially Syukur Syaari. 

Well, here's about my dream.
We were all sitting around a table, with a girl (presumably his newly-wed wife) and we were talking something about leaving highschool.

And, odd enough, they are asking me about life opinion. Like should they do that, and should they go here and there. I mean like, they're the seniors, and I'm the junior, what should I know?
But then all people say, dream is just a movie in your sleep right?

I mean, it was so awesome to meet them again, all in one place, although it's on my dream, but still, I really treasure it. 

It was really weird though, but it was awesome, you know.

Even up till now, those are the type of person I am really looking up to be one day. Especially Syukur Syaari. 

And maybe this dream came to me just after watching Awkward's Jenna Hamilton getting the attention in school and looking at the photo of Syukur and Mentol in the UK. 

Who knows. :)

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