This stalkerazzi page is where you get to find interestingly beautiful men that's worth to be stalked on. And hell yeah, I stalked the hell out of 'em. I know every single detail of 'em.

Miro Moreira

Hello again, and yet again,
another Brazillian dude.
Have you no other ideas, Yuri?

Well, I must say that I got a thing for Brazil and I'm crazy about them.
They are purrrfect.

This time's about Miro Moreira,
again, a model.

He an '85 and born absolutely in
The Holy Land of Hotties, Sao Paulo.

During his childhood,
he addressed himself as the Ugly Duckling.
Because he wore braces, skinny, and have a lot of pimple.
Which is kinda similar with me only I'm built.
So..... Do I get to look like him someday in my 30s? :p

He may looked like a pornstar, but thankfully, he ain't.
Which is kinda sigh-able. ;)

He'd done for Giorgio Armani, Armani Exchange, D&G, Belstaff, Lebole, Sean John, Roberto Cavalli.
And he started modelling at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

But previously, he worked at a bank, until a friend told him to 
give modelling a try.
Then he quits the bank, and voila,
a pure Brazillian breed star was born.

Zayn Malik

Ya'all know One Direction?
if ya'all aint know One Direction? im sure ya'all come from Ethiopia where internet is a God's miracle gift that never came true. WAH!

One Direction is a band formed from 5 solo contestant of The X Factor.
When Nicole Scherzinger was the guest judge,
she said "I think if you all came together as one band, you gonna thrive anywhere, honey.
Because all of you are talented."

So that's when One Direction band are formed.

and since The X Factor's executive producer is Simon Cowell,
when he saw this supernova ability this group brings,
he waited no more and put this band under his recording, Syco.

The heartthrob is no other the one and only Zayn Malik. Which one?
The fuckin red one.

He's so hot my stomach burnt a little.

By his name, I think you guys kinda wondered,
"Is he's a muslim?"
The answer is hell yeah.

How I know this?
stalk much?

He pierced, got a tattoo over right chest,
and he got a dog.

He's Turkish and hails from Britain.
Can't he be any cooler than that?

He got 2 slits on his left eyebrow. So sexy.

Aaaand he got a dog.
I dont wanna say anything.

Damn i LOOVE watching his face.
So Tumblr material.

This is by far the best picture of his.
unf unf unf unf

Zayn, congratulations on your face.

Tobias Sorensen

Tobias Sorensen. What a sexy name.
He's Danish and born in '88.
It suits this sexy beast well if I may.
Sorensen is one of my favourite "bad boy" dude.
I mean, everybody can tell through that prominent scar on his face right?

Hell yeah!
That's the Magic Scar.
Although it's a scar (people might think it's ugly, but), he knows how to work it!
This prominent-left-cheek scar's the one that makes Sorensen unique in the modelling world.

A balanced mix between sexiness and youthful abandon, he's been walking for
Zara, D&G, Diesel, Iceberg just to name a few.

Bottom line is,
he is the sexiest bad-ass you'll ever see walking on earth.

But somehow, someone didn't want his scar at all,
well, they can have it removed by photoshop.
Your loss, people-who-dont-want-his-scar. 

Lucas Bernardini

Damn gurll I gotta tell you this piece of hawt meat.
This fine brotha born in Sao Paulo (where many hotties are born)
and he's just 20 this year (born in 1991)
he was in business school before his friend introduce him
to a modelling agency.

Damn if he's in my school,
Imma tap dat ass and stick to him wherever he go like a remora!

Altho he'd just modelling for 2 short years, 
but it's quite a portfolio he built.

 Marlon Teixeira

Such an exotic name right? Erotic some more (kidding! no im not)
He used to be my number #1 favourite, before I discover Lucas.
This fuckin hottie was born also in Sao Paulo, The Holy Land of Hotties, also in 1991.
Marvelous Marlon is half Portuguese, 1/4 Indian 1/4 Japanese.
WOW! No wonder he got that fucking sexy ass face.
The Indian gene is more dominant than Japanese, no?

His grandmother is the one that introduced him to Way Model Management,
with the support of his cousins.
And BAM! 
He's a supermodel now.

From this,
to this.

Francisco Lachowski

FRANCISCO! My third favourite guy.

Also a '91 born,
also, a Brazillian, who started modelling in Sao Paulo (oh I so wanna go there).
He's the bromance of Marlon.
They're always together, doing shits together,
everything together.
His nick is Chico. Yeah, his real name is kinda long.

Damn I gotta tell you bout this boyishly handsome guy,
he's fuckin amazing,
coz he walked for Dior, Versace, Dolce&Gabbana,Armani Exchange,
just to name few.
He's also very friendly as he randomly gave massage
to a girl on a beach where they were shooting.
and his face = PRICELESS!

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