Offspring of My Stress

Everybody got their own stress. Perhaps from the studies, pressure of work, dateline getting near, highschool being a bitch, or even your cat died.
Well mine was quite the obvious from the last post.

So as the result of that, Im having the worst breakout of my life.

 And no, for those who are watching MTV's Awkward, this is not a kiss blisters or herpes.
I'm definitely free STD.

All the zits are lining up under the angle of mandible, which leaves me wondering, are they trying to hurt me secretly without making it obvious to everybody? 

Like in the situation of you having the worst fight with your better half but you gotta act all happy couple during a party. 

The medical supply to fight this breakout is getting depleted, and the bank? Already depleted like humanity in the Israel.

 Trust me, this stress right now Im having is directly continuous from the study week last week. Thanks to that jerk.

But whatever it is, Im struggling to juggle between making my notes, updating this blog, revising and teaching other students, UMNO Club meetings, learning French, cooking and not mentioning working out. 

My plate's sorta full already. Boom goes my social life.

And yes, I have been distancing myself for the past, IDK, from the start of this new semester? Yup.
But this is just another phase Im going through. Like the S-Phase a cell going through after mitotic division, yes, exactly like me. the Silent Phase.

Maybe this silence I'm practicing is probably for the best. Im trying to NOT to know any or every gossip here, as last year, I almost destroyed the life of my friend. He almost stopped from studying here. Lucky I act fast and save the situation, just like what you should do in the case of Thyrotoxic Storm.

And yes, my neck( ironically) is a mess. i pray to God my gland to stop clogging and breaking out again. 
What are you, Prison Breaking?

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