The Wheel of Life

We all know that life is like a wheel. I know, it;s kinda cheesy right? But bear in mind, wheels doesnt have any endings or upper part and lower part.

So my side of the story today is about my life. It's pretty screwed right now, all thanks to my pere.

We all know living without money is crazy hard. Esp when they come from a cheapskate
Just because I picked him up one hour and half late from his class, 
he raged up all the way to hell for like what, 3 months now?

And I was like, "You're joking right?"I dont really know where he got the idea of punishing 
his petit garcon by halting the argent from flowing into the bank account.
And I was really suffocated. Literally. 
How can one survive without food? or books?

Hell, I even gotta borrow my friend's money to pay for my fees, 
Im not saying from the richiebitch point of view, Im sayin this from a poor broke
hobo guy point of view.

The essentiality to grow up from what has happened is DESPERATELY needed in the event. 
En plus, he said I have to apologize first then I can talk to him. 
Abordable, I apologized before I left the car at the KLIA, and then I apologized again 
before I went down The Escalator, and he said I needed to apologize. 
What gives?

With some of my cranky savings in here and there pocket pants kinda bank, 
I managed to topup my phone and subscribedBlackberry Internet Service. 
Wanna know how poor I am?I only subscribed for one day. That's all. 
And the I apologize to him ONCE AGAIN, and he aint replying.This has got to stop. 

You need to grow up. That's what you need to do.
I thought family first. That's a bullshit.

So this is the part where my life turned from awesome roller -coaster ride, to rock bottom. 

And I dont see the way out yet. 

If only I'm a doctor by now.

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