Godly Bed

They say that people can be well known by their bed.
if the person's got a well-mannered and got a taste,
well, his bed is definitely different that people that dont.

Just compare a teenagers-who-loves-to-party's bedroom
to a classy-coat-and-vest-wearing-middle-30th,
Im sure it's like Zeus and Hades.

Speaking of Zeus and Hades,
I happened to stumble upon this majestic godly bed on the internet.
nad i decided to put it here simply because
I hearted it.

Put a tampoon below your chin and get prepared to drool.











Zeus & Hera

Which one is idaman kalbu?
I personally want the Poseidon and Apollo.
Spacious like hell.
Hahaha ko mampu tgok jolah.
non hado nak beli bilik cenggini.
Unless we worked our ass studying from now,
and guess what,
we can own ALL of this shit.

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