Floristas du Jour

They say that flowers are best given to the people to cheer them up. If the flower brings the smile, what the florists bring?

Well that's what I wanna tell you.

Last Saturday I went to the florist to buy some lilies and blue roses for my sick aunt. But before that, I just got back from a party at Dustin's.
and of course, as a photoholic, i would'nt miss to bring a camera along.

And apparently, I had to bring along the camera into the florist after that because I'm afraid people'll see it through my window car.

In the florist,
"Do you have some lilies and blue roses?"

"Lemme see at the back. Wait for a moment will you?"

As I stand there, I couldn't help but to see tonnes of beautiful flowers, so I gotta take a snap.

She's back~
"Ooo you came here just to take a picture aren't you???"

"Well apparently by the way you dressed, yes, I can tell you can't afford one, and no, I came here to give you money and if you can't respect your customer, I quizzing in my head why the hell are you selling shits."

"Owh hell no you can't talk to me like that! Who do you think you're talking too?"

"Girl I dont care who you are I just wanna buy roses. Jeez calm your tits down or it'll blow the hell out of it."

and she's like,

And she said. "You know what, I don't even have lilies and blue roses! Get the hell out of my shop and never come again!!"

"Why look at that, a devastated old women being crushed by words. Ooo how pathetic."

Back in the car, I felt something was wrong. Humpph maybe the feeling after lashed that old bag perhaps.
Before I drove away, I looked back at her, and I saw the most devilish grin ever.

And I thought "what the hell man? you want more?" and I drove away.
Suddenly I heard a loud crashing sound coming from the back of my car. I looked at the rear window and speechlessly I saw the women was throwing and crushing my camera onto the road!!!

and she was like,

and without counting any more seconds,

and a lot of people came to see what was happening, and I was like "Owh it's nothing, she just need a good scratch for her rash itch. Nothing much"

Back in the car, "I WIN!!! HAHAHA!"

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