Awkward texts

Hello people~
Have you ever read text messages from 
your parents or uncles or teachers 
and compare it with your friends'?

And what do you feel like when you're reading your
elderly people text's?

And that's exactly how I feel. 

Ok, perhaps you kinda need a 'receipt',
so here I go,
Your father texts
"Muza, sekarang tengah buat apa........ Ayah baru masukkan duit dalam akaun....
Belanja elok elok dan jangan membazir.... TQ"

And your brother texts
"Muza, buat ape dowh?? Bapak ko baru masukkan duet kot!
And die suroh belaja leklok and jangan membazir."

Compare between them two,
and you tell me, which one is having more expression.
The teenager's one right?

But what it all matters was
the message is delivered, and everybody can tell what's the meaning of it,
but it's just annoyed the s**t outta me when
my friend wrote like a dad.

I was like,
When were you born?

And there's another type of human who wrote like,
Th4nKZ 4 7he 4DD ! h0p3 t0 k33p 1N tOucH!!

This kinda of species REALLY, REALLY
pissed the f**k outta me!!

If you asked,
"wH4Ts WroNg?"
Then I'll answer,

There's another type of human 
that wrote with extreme abbreviation
that people can't really understand it.
You need to change girl!

p/s : actually, Im bored. Sorry if this' boring

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