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Yesterday I was on my way to Seksyen 20 Shah Alam for my medical checkup as it is mandatory for my JPA money. Along the way there, in my car, I was listening to Fly FM.

Pagi Rock Crew was on air at that time, around 10am some shit like that.
Honestly though, it was my favorite to listen to Fly FM in the morning with, Prem, Nadia and Hafiz.

And it happened that yesterday,
there'e this one guy named Jason Chua or some shit like that
requested Fly FM to play his music on air for his wife's birthday, yesterday.

And the Pagi Rock Crew decided to make it as a game.
It's up to listeners to vote whether YES or NO.

Whenever they saw a NO, they will stop or in this case slow down the volume of the music.

You know what I heard?
It was like a man singing in front of a spinning fan!
hahaha autotune. didnt Rebecca Black already thought us that?

And in the middle of that music, I tweeted to Fly FM a big NOO!!
Nadia was like shocked kot!
"WHOAA that's a big NOO there! Ok we gotta stop it"
and like they promised, they stopped it,
suddenly, there's another YES appeared.
"And there again! another YES!~"
and Im driving like,


That music is REALLY BAD.
I aint shittin ya'all.
'Dem music got a GOOD INTRO,
it was like,

All the seconds through the music,
my heart was pounding like a turkey about to get decapitated.

Then finally, the song's over.
I tweeted again to Fly FM 
"I pray to God you guys only played that song once. Rebecca Black's even better"

and Nadia said,
"We got a big hater of that song, should I say his name?"

Promptly I was like
oo no no no gurl I'll cut yo ass when I see ya"

Luckily, Prem and Hafiz did'nt let her to do so,
as a privacy policy they signed up to.

Different part of me said, 
"Just say my name, woman!"


Since I was like following her on twitter,
so she knew me.

owh well,
better don't mess with people on media ya'all!

One the other side,
here's a comment on that all-the-way-autotuned music.

you got the beat.
You got the rhythm.
You got the voice,
so why destroy with autotune?

For what's it's worth, Im sorry I said NO,
But what I said about Rebecca is true.
Ant now that she's not using autotune anymore in My Moment,
guess what,
she sounds WAYYY better!

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