Cat Fight!

Korang sure pernah dengar kan iklan kat Flyfm yg psal be proud of who and where you come from?

Well here's my version of it. Enjoy~

 SITI = Hai, this is my friend, Kiah.

RUBY= Oww, Kiah, hye, I'm Ruby, care to have some tea? Would you like some scones?

KIAH =Wow, *giggle* Urm.. Where you from, Ruby?

RUBY= Well, I just got back from the UK, and before that, I study in Australia, and..

SITI = Yea yea yeah, but originally, she's Rubiah from Shah Alam.

RUBY = Urm.. yeah......

SITI = Nak berlagak cam omputeh konon, ingat muke ko cantik? Penuh comot dengan parut jerawat, nak ngaku orang UK. hahahahaahahahahahahahahaha

RUBY = Ish kau babinye mulut! It's totally up to me lah nak berlagak macam keling ke, omputeh ke, kau   kesah kenape?

KIAH = That awkward moment when two best friends are fighting and I'm stuck in the middle.


KIAH = Eh korang nak melebih lebih apehal? Aku cakap je lah sial! Kepoh anjing!

RUBY = Ei, kau senyap, kampung!

SITI = At least die mengaku die kampung, tak macam kau!

KIAH = Hayyy AWAS mulut tuh! Aku name je Rokiah, tpi aku duduk kat The Gardens hokayy?? Ko hado? non-hado!

RUBY = durgh~ The Gardens.. pfft.. I live in Manchester okkay? The Gardens for what? Gardener's daughter? hahahahaha

SITI = Hah, mula la tuh menjubur mulut kau! Baru duduk sana seminggu, nak kepoh. Fuck you bitch.


Ruby punched the shit out of Siti

KIAH = Better aku duduk jauh-jauh. *slowly walking backward*

SITI = did you just hit me?

RUBY = the hell I do!


KIAH= ohmygod. did you just shot her?

SITI = OWH come one! We are Malaysian! If we cannot be proud of who you are and where you come from, then nobody can be proud of you! Flyfm supports to becoming a better Malaysia. Cheers bro.

KIAH = what the.................................................

SITI = relax. take the chill pill.

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